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With integration, the Durham Colored Library became part of the Durham Public Library System. The DCL, Inc. board then turned its attention to another project, the Merrick Washington Magazine for the Blind.

The Merrick Washington Magazine project (MWM) is a publication started in 1952 that brings news articles about and related to African American culture and history to a sight-challenged population who do not readily have access to Braille or large print editions of major publications. We hope to give our readers the independence to read these materials on their own, rather than rely on others to convey this information to them.  The articles featured in each issue cover everything from American politics to health issues and are culled from a range of top-notch news sources, including The New York Times, Essence Magazine, and National Geographic Magazine, to name a few. The bi-annual publication is available in large print and is distributed to readers, through distribution partner individuals and organizations . Our target demographic includes people who are dealing with diseases and medical conditions that affect eyesight. We are also providing copies to upper elementary and middle schools whose teachers are using the magazine to enhance history and civics lessons.

We publish MWM in memory and in honor of the founders- Mrs. Lyda Moore Merrick (was Aaron McDuffie Moore’s daughter who chaired the DCL, Inc. Board for several years), Mr. John Carter Washington- and all of the civic leaders who believed in this project. In particular. We honor the memory of John H. Wheeler, who in 1969 called together the members of the board and led the decision to bring MWM under the DCL, Inc.'s guidance. We also honor the memories of Josephine Dobbs Clement, the first editorial board chair under this new arrangement, and the other members of that board: Constance Merrick Watts (treasurer & daughter of Lyda Moore Merrick and Edward R. Merrick), and W.C. Bennett. Over the years, many civic organizations have continued to lend support. We are grateful for their faith and trust.

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